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If Assata Shakur broke out of prison,
Why would I respect a n—-a doing a b-tch sentence for no snitching?
You got ya n——s out here dying deaths bloodier than Christ’s, yet not even worth half the sacrifice
If Malcolm killed for freedom, why would I respect you n——s out here killing for bragging rights?
You females are emcee, yeah, but you half the light
All you do is rap about your p—-y, so your walls and your rhymes are half as tight
You the baddest b—-h, yeah, all the bark but half the bite
Never needed Martin to tell me that a million men weren’t made to march to Maybach Music
There is no secondary to revolutionary so I’ll put Calvary in my vocabulary
And if I’m my father’s child then f—k it, my resurrection is hereditary
All you n——s talk about is p—-y, clothes and gunplay
But God so loved the world that He sent me to spit you a Easter Sunday
Your reign is over n——s, it’s His Son’s day
Don’t make it rain if you can’t make sh-t grow
Don’t say you love your hood but can’t spit a 16 about hope
Don’t say you believe in God if you’re the same n——s that gained the whole world for the price of your soul
Don’t say that numbers don’t lie if they made you believe that you could put a price on your soul
And all you’ve got to show for yourself is a body full of tattoos and nice clothes

- King Jasmine Mans

*Text credited to Lion of Bedstuy

She can do no wrong!!

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I know I’ve already spoke about Kanye West before so I’m not gonna discuss what I’ve already spoke about. Instead I thought i’d focus on the Yeezus album. Only Yeezus, I’m not gonna talk about anything else. Now I thought I’d focus on music tonight because I’ve just…

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So funny that when kanye dropped songs like new slaves, i am god, yeezus itself ppl called him a egocentric/racist mtfker saying that he was full of himself, and now the same ones are reciting new slaves lyrics, during this horrifying ferguson situation , ppl that watched the BBC interview saying that he was going crazy… He talking about us being dominated by the corporations, the government, and all this propaganda/system to make ppl dumb and keep them dumb, i hope that more people start to realize his message like you do and some out there, and i love your blog bc thats what you try to show ppl here, keep doing that bro
— haiog (via welovekanyewest)
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Amazing Kanye West Tribute Video

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beyonce’s instagram video Drunk in Love ft Kanye West

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